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Stolen Sharpie Revolution
By Alex Wrekk

Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine? : the Art of Making Zines and Minicomics.
By Mark Todd and Esther Watson


Barnard Zine Collection
New York, New York

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Zines

Denver Zine Library

POC Zine Project

Queer Zine Archive Project
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Zines for Teens at Multnomah County Library
Portland, Oregon


DIY Digitization: Creating a Small-Scale Digital Zine Exhibit
By Melissa L. Jones

From A-Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library
By Julie Bartell, ALA Editions 2004

"Why We're Not Digitizing Zines"
by Kelly Wooten, Curator of Bingham Center Zine Collections

Zine Librarians Listserv
This list is exchanging information and ideas about zine librarianship: collection, shelving, preservation, cataloging, classification, programming, scholarship, publication, fundraising, etc. All zine librarians and archivists are welcome: academic, digital, DIY, public, school, volunteer, etc.


A Room of One's Own Bookstore

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Artists' Book Collection at Kohler Art Library

Little Magazine Collection

Lynda Barry's Image Lab at WID

Madison Print and Resist (Formerly Zine Fest)

Rainbow Book Cooperative

Silver Buckle Press

The Madison Infoshop Library

Wisconsin Book Festival